Graphic wave produced by the logo of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council


Visual identity

Motto: "Time to deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery"

The vision and priorities of Portugal's Presidency of the Council of the European Union are clearly expressed in its motto “Time to deliver: a fair, green and digital recovery”.

  • Time to deliver, with the sense of urgency needed given the crisis and the challenges Europe is facing. 

  • Time to deliver, with the knowledge that the European social model is the best tool for overcoming the challenges of the economic and social recovery and the twin digital and climate transitions. 

  • Time to deliver a Europe that is resilient, sustainable, innovative, cohesive and open to the world, with the future in mind. 

  • Time to deliver, together, for the coming generations.

Visual identity of the Portuguese Presidency of the European Union Council

Logo: “The Sun and the Helm”

Designed by Providência Design, the logo, inspired by the European Union flag and its colours – blue and yellow – transforms the 12 stars into a Union of 27, creating a more ample, cohesive and diverse construction. Using elements associated with Portugal, its history, geography and openness to the world, the logo takes these 27 elements and turns them into a sun and a helm to guide the Union on its future journeys, blazing the new trails of cohesion and shared prosperity, while the music is evocative of the sound of the Portuguese guitar, enveloped in modernity.

Visual identity video

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Together, the logo and the motto portray the idea of delivering now, together, to build a future that is innovative, sustainable, positive and human.