Commotion Euroepan Union 2020 3


Artistic installation “Commotion”, in cooperation with Vhils and 19 artists

Justus Lipsius Building, Brussels

“Commotion” is a work of art authored by the Portuguese artist Alexandre Farto, more commonly known as Vhils, in cooperation with 19 artists representing contemporary and urban Portuguese art. They include established names and rising stars, of whom some were born in Portugal and others have chosen to live in this country. In this collaborative work, the whole represents more than the sum of its parts.

Commotion European Union 2020

In addition to Vhils, the following artists took part in the design of this piece: ±MaisMenos±, Abdel Queta Tavares, Add Fuel, AkaCorleone, André da Loba, Bráulio Amado, Francisco Vidal, Halfstudio, Herberto Smith, Jorge Charrua, Kruella d'Enfer, Mar, Maria Imaginário, Nuno Alecrim, Pedrita Studio, Raquel Belli, Tamara Alves, Teresa Esgaio, and Wasted Rita.

European Union 2020

First of all, “Commotion” symbolises the European ideals of cooperation, solidarity and diversity, with over a dozen and a half artists creating a common work of art. It also symbolises a green Europe, as the materials used are wholly recycled. Besides this, the piece promotes a Europe that is committed to giving greater importance to its cultural heritage, in this case through the intersection of perspectives, materials and histories.

Commotion European Union 2020 4

The work is on display in Brussels, in the lobby of the EU Council’s Justus Lipsius Building, until the end of the Portuguese Presidency.


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