Social Summit


The workshops are aimed at providing for inclusive and dynamic discussions, which will be led by a professional moderator. The workshops will begin with an “impulse statement” from a participant who is relevant to the thematic area being discussed.


The format recreates a TV studio environment, with a moderator in the centre and the participants seated in the gallery. The participants will be divided up among the three parallel working group sessions. The workshops will be broadcast by internet, allowing citizens to follow the discussions.


Workshop 1 - Work and employment

Main issues for discussion:

Which policies are needed to create a sustainable and inclusive labour market recovery enabling the EU to meet the employment rate target of 78% by 2030?

Which initiatives at EU and national level can promote quality job creation?

What key measures are you planning as a way to contribute to meeting the employment headline target?


Steering note on this wokshop here



Workshop 2 - Skills and innovation

Main issues for discussion:

How can we ensure that initial education and training is fit to equip individuals for the needs of the labour market?

How can we significantly scale up our efforts on upskilling and reskilling?

Which initiatives at EU and national level can promote green and digital skills in order to bolster the EU’s innovation performance?


Steering note on this workshop here



Workshop 3 - Welfare state and social protection

Main issues for discussion:

What policies and tools can help to make the recovery more inclusive and fair?

How to effectively support people in the most vulnerable situations, including children at risk of poverty or social exclusion?

How to adapt social protection systems in a fast-changing world in order to reinforce coverage and adequacy, while ensuring their economic and financial sustainability?


Steering note on this workshop here


Contribution of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)


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