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Sassoli: Portuguese Presidency once again shows great “capacity for dealing with major challenges”

03 May · 12h15

David Sassoli, President of the European Parliament © European Union

The President of the European Parliament (EP), David Sassoli, has stated that the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union is once again showing that it has the “capacity to deal with major challenges”, as it organises the Porto Social Summit.

One of the characteristics shared by all Portuguese Presidencies of the Council of the EU is the “capacity to deal with major challenges and contribute to building a more social Europe”, said Sassoli.

While evoking the current “exceptional times“ in which “Europe and the world are suffering the effects of an unprecedented pandemic”, the leader of the European Parliament highlighted the fact that “the Portuguese Presidency has, once again, defined the objective of consolidating the European Pillar of Social Rights, precisely when it is needed most”.

“At the Porto Social Summit we will be joining forces to take concrete measures: Europe needs a strong labour market and a solid protection system for its workers, as well as equal pay for equal work and a fair pension system; these are all measures that should be adopted as part of the social dialogue,” he argued.

The President of the EP strongly believes that “this is the path to follow” in order “to regain the trust of citizens, improve the competitiveness of Europe and make it a beacon for social justice, where nobody is left behind”. For this reason, social policies “should definitely” be at the centre of the ongoing transition to a green and digital Europe.


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