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Presidency preparing for in-person Social Summit

19 Apr · 14h00

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU is making preparations for the Social Summit and the European Council meeting planned for the next day to be held in person, although it believes a “virtual component” that would allow for greater participation is also possible.

“We are making plans for both the Porto Social Summit and the meeting of the European Council to be held in person”, said the Portuguese Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

Augusto Santos Silva also stressed that the Portuguese Presidency “must make provisions for all possible scenarios”, given the uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, which has meant that many high-level meetings have been held remotely, i.e. online.

As far as the Social Summit on 7 May is concerned, in addition to the in-person feature, “it will also likely have a virtual component that will make it possible for more people to take part and for thousands of people to follow the conference”. Specifically, the “online transmission” of the summit is being planned so as to enable civil society participation.


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