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Virtual talk on "Digitalisation in Financial services"

25 Feb · 10h20

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union is organising a series of Virtual Talks on the three main Ecofin priorities for the half-year, to inform the policy dialogue and provide relevant inputs in the run-up to the High-Level Conference on Recovery (“Recovery Summit”) to be held in Lisbon next June.


The initiative will bring together a wide-ranging group of expert speakers and participants, promoting an open and informal exchange of views on how each of the Presidency’s priorities can help shape recovery efforts and build a new model for inclusive, sustainable and resilient growth. Namely:


  1. Relaunching the economy and implementing the Recovery Plan for Europe
  2. Strengthening the Economic and Monetary Union
  3. The challenges of the green and digital transitions


The first Virtual Talk, aligned with Priority #3 - "Digitalisation in Financial Services: a new landscape with new players and new objectives" – will take place next Friday, 26 February, at 10h00 (Lisbon time) under the chairmanship of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Finance, João Nuno Mendes. The talk will discuss the current status and expected developments as to who can provide financial services and under what conditions.


The main speakers for this talk are John Berrigan (Director-General of FISMA) and Leonardo Gambacorta (Head of Innovation & Digital Economy at the Bank for International Settlements). With moderation by Afonso Eça (Assistant Professor at Nova SBE), an informal exchange of views is expected on:

  • the opportunities and risks, both for incumbents and new players;
  • the role of digital financial services in facilitating and accelerating the pursuit of environmental and social sustainability goals.


The Virtual Talk is open to a wide audience of institutional, academic and private sector participants, as well as journalists and the general public. Click here to register for the event.

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