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Inaugural concert for the Portuguese Presidency conducted by Maestra Joana Carneiro

09 Jan · 21h30

Fado and the Portuguese Symphony Orchestra (OSP) filled the Main Auditorium in Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon with music on 5 January during the inaugural concert for the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.


Carminho, Ana Moura, Sara Correia, Camané and guitarist Marta Pereira da Costa took to the stage with the OSP, conducted by Maestra Joana Carneiro, at a concert organised in honour of Amália Rodrigues, with the centenary of her birth having been celebrated in 2020.

“Lisboa, menina e moça” sung in four voices

The concert also paid homage to Carlos do Carmo — who passed away at the age of 81 on the first day of the year – with the four fado singers and the OSP performing “Lisboa, menina e moça”, one of Carmo's best-known fados.


The concert, broadcast live on RTP TV and on Antena 1 radio, marked the official start of the Portuguese Presidency, which will run for the first six months of this year.