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High Level Conference “The Intellectual Property Metamorphosis in the Age of Digital Transition”

Agenda information for 11 February

09 Feb · 16h20

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union will be holding a High Level Conference on the topic of “The Intellectual Property Metamorphosis in the Age of Digital Transition” on 11 February 2021, in digital format.

The conference, promoted by the Ministry of Justice and the National Institute of Industrial Property, in the scope of the Portuguese Presidency, will be “Remember the past, act in the present and reflect on the challenges of the Future” and participants will include nationally and internationally renowned individuals in the area of intellectual property and Innovation.

They will be giving their views on the future challenges of intellectual property in the age of digital transformation, benefiting from reflection on the past and inspiring action in the present.

This conference will have two core components: the digital transition and intellectual property. Accelerating and promoting the digital transition through the intellectual property system is a unique opportunity not only for leveraging the economy, but also for creating an environment favourable to producing bigger and better innovation. The technological evolution has always existed and will continue to exist, sometimes silently, based on the aim of constantly doing better, through improvements and the creation of new ways of dealing with day-to-day needs. Because of the evolutionary process in technology and innovation, intellectual property too must create conditions for receiving the product of this progress, thus undergoing a truly metamorphic process.

During the conference, the participants will also have the opportunity to access a virtual networking space and to become involved in possible strategic partnerships.

The conference is open to the public. The programme and the register are available here.




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