European strategy for vaccination against COVID-19 must preserve unity, cooperation and solidarity

10 Feb · 14h00

Ana Paula Zacarias, Secretary of State for European Affairs at the European Parliament Plenary Session © European Union 2021 - Source: EP

In her report on the status of the European strategy for vaccination against COVID-19 at the plenary session of the European Parliament today, Ana Paula Zacarias reiterated that “the European vaccination strategy has been an example of unity and solidarity”.


Representing the Council of the European Union, the Secretary of State for European Affairs recalled the “extraordinary milestones” of the EU strategy for the vaccination plan, underlining the approval of three vaccines against COVID-19 in less than a year and a half and the expectation of more being approved in the near future, as well as equitable distribution to all the Member States, “so that citizens can have access to vaccines in equal proportions”.


For the Portuguese Presidency of the Council, the news about the delay in deliveries by some vaccine-producing companies is a source of concern and demands a reaction: “Vaccine production is a complex process, especially on this unprecedented scale. We need to ensure that the companies respect the contract signed and fulfil their commitments.” The Secretary of State for European Affairs also argued that the Member States need to know how many vaccines will be available and when so that they can plan their vaccination campaigns.


© Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union - Tony da Silva / Lusa

“It is time to redouble our efforts, without losing sight of our ambitions”

The appearance of new variants and the rapid spread of the virus are challenges that still require tough measures in order to contain the disease, and Ana Paula Zacarias gave her assurance that the Council will continue to work towards a coordinated response, both from a technical and a political standpoint. These efforts also include the vaccination scenario worldwide: “Solidarity must not stop at European borders. Fair access to vaccines for more disadvantaged countries is consistent with our values and is also in our own interest. Nobody will be safe until everybody is safe.”


“Vaccination is a powerful tool in our response to this crisis. But it will take time until the majority of European citizens have been vaccinated. We must continue working together for the common good, encouraging social distancing and mask wearing and implementing protective measures until we are able to beat this virus. We need to stay united. This is the only way”, Ana Paula Zacarias concluded.


See here the declaration of the portuguese Secretary of State for European Affairs at the plenary session © European Union 2021

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