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Environmental sustainability is crucial in project financial analysis

07 Apr · 18h30

In the second part of the High-Level Conference on “Hydrogen in Society – Bridging the gaps”, held in Lisbon today, 7 April, the subjects of funding and industrial clusters were discussed. During the last panel, concrete cases of the adoption of hydrogen as fuel in different industrial sectors were also discussed.


Roland Schulze, Managerial Adviser of Low Carbon Energy Technology at the European Investment Bank, highlighted the increasing importance of sustainability in project analysis. “Until very recently, funding was only analysed in terms of feasibility, costs and expected revenue”, the specialist pointed out.


Glenn Llewellyn, Vice-President of Zero Emission Aircraft at Airbus, noted the importance of hydrogen being made available at airports at a fair price. “During this decade, we must work so that more and more hydrogen is available at airports”, he stressed.


Patrícia Vasconcelos, from the Portuguese company Caetano Bus, spoke of the need of working with academia. “We have to join forces with universities”, she argued, emphasising that, “training is already being developed for this technology within the company”.


The conference was watched live by 2226 people, who registered for this digital event organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.