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High-Level Conference on Hydrogen “Hydrogen in Society - Bridging the Gaps”

07 Apr Digital
The renewable energies integration is a necessary condition for the progress of European energy systems heading to a decarbonised society. 

Hydrogen plays a key role in that process, moving fast and in multiple forms to facilitate an effective and sustainable energy system integration. By doing so, hydrogen is challenging current business models throughout the value chains, from production to end-use and export markets, including transportation and storage. 

Taking the strengthening of industrial and technological development across Europe as a main goal, the debate around hydrogen and support mechanisms is encouraged in order to create a real market – one of the key priorities of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Participants include top representatives from Member States governments and the European Commission and, also, decision makers from companies and regulators.

Discover the conference agenda here. Please register here.

Ministry for the Environment and Climate Action

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