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EU University & Culture Summit: "Fostering the Union through Culture and the Arts"

29 - 30 Mar Digital

This summit arose from the idea that if we offer the higher education ecosystems – students, researchers, teaching and non-teaching staff, the communities outside the campuses – free access to our cultural heritage, exposure to contemporary artistic discourses, and opportunities to express themselves through artistic experiences, we will be helping to build a university culture that is at once scientific and artistic, and guided by the principles of constant innovation, attention to the other, and ecological responsibility.

It will bring together representatives from all European Union (EU) countries to map out good practice and discuss the crucial and democratic role that the arts can play in the repositioning of EU universities in the world. It is hoped that this will be the first step in the construction of a cultural corridor for higher education students in the EU.

Find out more on the summit's official website.


Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education

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