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Conference "Clinical Academic Centres in Europe: Challenges and Opportunities"

19 May Hybrid
Clinical Academic Centres (CACs) are a unique opportunity to combine and consolidate research, education and healthcare provision in a collaborative strategy aimed at achieving excellence at these three levels. 

This implies an institutional vision and the definition of goals, as well as an alignment of strategies at national and international level and the joint action of institutions with different organisational models that are integrated into the CACs.

In this context, the CACs are committed to joining forces to develop collaborative work and achieve results that will allow them to maximise the possibility of attracting national and international funding. This outlook becomes particularly important at the present time, when the CACs have to integrate aspects related to building capacity in order to deal with times of uncertainty in pandemic situations and due to climate change.

The aim of this session is to analyse and discuss the development of the CACs in several areas, both in Europe and at national level.

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